Social media handbook


This undergraduate textbook adopts the perspective of organizations - not individuals - and clarifies the impact of social media on their different departments or disciplines, while also exploring how organizations use social media to create business value.

To do so, the book pursues a uniquely multi-disciplinary approach, embracing IT, marketing, HR and many other fields.

  • Introduces the reader to the essentials of social media

  • Pursues a comprehensive approach to social media, viewing it from an organizational perspective

  • Combines academic insights and practical tips and tricks

While the first edition was inspired by the rise of social media tools, the second edition is characterized by a digital economy with increasing digitalization efforts due to newly emerging technologies in Industry 4.0 and the COVID-19 pandemic. It also covers extensions regarding the business models for social media, influencer marketing, gamification and many other business-related social media topics.

More info can be found: here

A video introduction is also available: Video - Social media management handbook


  • Chapter 1—Introduction to social media management

  • Chapter 2—Definitions, social media types, and tools

  • Chapter 3—Social media strategy and return on investment

  • Chapter 4—Online advertising and viral campaigns

  • Chapter 5—Social customer relationship management

  • Chapter 6—Search engine optimization

  • Chapter 7—Sentiment analysis and opinion mining (Business intelligence 1)

  • Chapter 8—Social network data and predictive mining (Business intelligence 2)

  • Chapter 9—e-Recruitment

  • Chapter 10—Crowdfunding

  • Chapter 11—Legal and ethical issues in social media

  • Chapter 12—Wrap-up: integration exercises