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PhD supervisions

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PhD guidance committee member

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PhD jury member

      • Hossein Abroshan (2021). Root causes of falling victim to phishing – The effects of human behavior, emotions and demographics. Ghent University: Belgium.

      • Steven Mertens (2019). Enabling process management for loosely framed knowledge-intensive processes. Ghent University: Belgium.

      • Syed Rehan Abbas Zaidi (2018). Leadership in public sector business process management initiatives – A developing country perspective. Queensland University of Technology: Australia.

      • Michaël Verdonck (2018). Ontology-driven conceptual modeling : model comprehension, ontology selection, and method complexity. Ghent University: Belgium.

      • Maria Das Graças Da Silva Teixeira (2017). Design process of conceptual modeling language’s concrete syntax based on ontological theories and visualization of information theories. Ghent University: Belgium.

      • Jana Prodanova (2016). Electronic customer behavior from relational, technology and personality-related theoretical perspectives. The case of high-involvement services. Universidad de Burgos: Spain.

      • Simon Vander Elst (2016). De afstemming van organisatie en ICT in Vlaamse stadsbesturen: toetsing van een business-ICT interactiemodel in Mechelen en Genk. Ghent University: Belgium.