• 2022: FEB PhD Tutor Award, Ghent University

      • 2022: Nominee InspiringFifty Europe

      • 2020: Winner InspiringFifty Belgium (Named as one of Belgium’s 50 most inspirational women in technology by InspiringFifty Belgium)

      • 2019: Best Student Paper (Business Process Management Conference)

      • 2018: Best Paper Nomination (Business Process Management Conference)

      • 2014: Top-10 Nomination for Young ICT Lady of the Year (DataNews)

      • 2010: Award for Best Contribution (OnTheMove Academy)

      • 2007: Highest Award For Achievement (Dale Carnegie Consulting Program)

      • 2006: Best student in Political Sciences at University of Antwerp (highest ranking out of 81 students)

Council representations

      • Voting member of the UGent FEB Faculty Board (2014-2018; 2018-2022; 2022-2026)

      • Voting member of the UGent FEB Faculty Examination Committee MBA (since 2015)

      • Voting member of the UGent Steering Group FEB Academy LifeLong Learning (since 2021)

      • Voting member of the UGent FEB Commission of Scientific Research (2022)

      • Voting member of the UGent Research Council (2022)



    • 2013: CEFR level C1 on the Interuniversity Test of Academic English (ITACE for lecturers)

    • 2009-2012: Doctor in Applied Economics, option Management Information Science & Operations Management, at Ghent University

      • PhD diploma, including a certificate of the PhD doctoral programme

      • Duration: 3 years, 3 months

    • 2008: Prince2 foundation, Kluwer

    • 2006-2007: Dale Carnegie consulting program

      • Highest award for achievement

    • 2002-2006: Master in Political Sciences, option Public Management, at the University of Antwerp

      • Master thesis on the Belgian electronic identity card (eID), and its relevance for e-government

      • Graduated with highest honour (summa cum laude)