Research interests

I am passionate about all topics related to business processes. Some examples are:
  • the adoption and evolution of a process-oriented approach (e.g. maturity models)
  • organisational capabilities and the impact on culture, people, strategy, and structure
  • contextual factors affecting process realisations (e.g. contingency approach)
  • business (process) performance and outcomes
  • process governance
  • process innovation
  • process modelling (e.g. BPMN, UML, EPC)
  • process integration and inter-organisational (or cross-organisational) processes


We have developed and validated a framework with 17 capabilities that organisations can address to perform better, depending on their needs.

The capabilities in the framework are organised in a lower layer and an upper layer:

  • Lower layer = capabilities or characteristics per process, linked to the typical process lifecycle (e.g. modelling, deployment, optimisation, management)
  • Upper layer = capabilities or characteristics that impact on more or all processes in an organisation (e.g. culture, structure)

More details per capability can be found here (sections 3 & 4).

The framework also visualises a difference between:

  • Business Process Management (BPM) = lower layer
    focus of most research on processes
  • Business Process Orientation (BPO) = lower layer + upper layer
    → new focus in the process literature

More details on this difference between BPM and BPO can be found here (section 3).