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PhD on Business Process Maturity

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Short bio
Prof. dr. Amy Van Looy

Amy Van Looy holds a Ph.D. in applied economics.

Before entering academia, Amy worked as an IT consultant for e-government projects.

Being an associate professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administrationshe is member of the Department of Business Informatics & Operations Management and coordinates the research cluster of “Business process orientation”.

Her research focuses on business process maturity and capabilities in public and private organisations by considering the traditional process lifecycle as well as the organisational culture and structure. Other research interests include business process integration and business process modelling.

Amy Van Looy obtained the “Highest Award for Achievement” at the Dale Carnegie Consulting Program (2007), the “Award for Best Contribution” at the OnTheMove Academy (2010), and a “Best Paper Nomination” at the BPM conference (2018). Additionally, Amy was nominated in the top-10 for “Young ICT Lady of the year 2014” by the Belgian magazine DataNews.

Social Media Management Handbook

Her teaching focuses on business process management, social media management, systems analysis and design, IT project management, and research methods.

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