3 Selection

We launched a decision tool that helps you choose the right BPMM for your organisation, called the BPMM Smart-Selector.

Try the BPMM Smart-Selector yourself, and give us your feedback!

By answering 14 questions, the tool will propose a BPMM (out of our sample, N=69) that best matches your responses, and thus your organisational needs.

The BPMM Smart-Selector can also be used by scholars who want to use a BPMM in their research, and therefore look for a fit for pupose.

It is based on a Delphi study with international BPM experts to identify and weigh criteria that must be considered when choosing a particular BPMM.

I truly thank my expert panel for their continuing participation throughout the different Delphi rounds!


Van Looy, A., De Backer, M., Poels, G. and Snoeck, M. (2013). Choosing the right business process maturity model. Information & Management, 50(7), 466-488.

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